Sky Sports Super 6

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Sky Soccer Saturday is essential viewing if you cannot make it to the match or if your team is not taking part in the big Saturday card of football. The over the top antics of the panel and Jeff, and all of the goals and incidents flying in around the country makes for exciting viewing, but there is no doubt you feel more engaged when you have an interest in a game or game. For many people, this means supporting a team or having a Fantasy Football interest in a game but for many others, it is all about winning money!
Making the most of Soccer Saturday is simple when you play with Sky Bet and take advantage of the Sky Super 6 game. This is a free activity but there is a chance to win prizes of £5,000 or the top prize of £250,000 if your footballing prediction skills are of the highest standard.

The prediction game is entirely free to play but first of all you need to register with the site and provide your details. This doesn’t take much time and before you know it, you can sign up here, then you will have the chance to make your prediction for 6 games that have been selected in advance of the big Saturday. With games from north and south of the border available to be selected, and international games when there is an international card, you will need to have a broad knowledge of football if you are keen to win some money from this activity.

Sky Bet users can predict in seconds

If you have an account with Sky Bet, you can log in with your user ID and PIN, making it even easier for players to get up and running, handy if you have left it to the last minute. To be eligible, you need to make your prediction before the first game kicks off, so there is no time to hang around.

There are six selected matches on offer and you need to predict the correct score of each match to win the top prize of £250,000. If there is no winner who has predicted all six scores correctly, a £5,000 prize goes to the player that has the highest score of the round.

With respect to points, you receive 2 points for correctly guessing the outcome of the game. If you tipped Manchester City to defeat Stoke City by a score of 3-1, but the actual score saw Manchester City win by 2-0, you would get 2 points. This is because you predicted that Manchester City would win. However, if you predicted that City would win by 2-0, you will receive 5 points, which is the maximum amount of points available for every match. By this reckoning, it takes a score of 30 points to bag that £250,000 top prize.

If players are level on the same points, the Golden Goal tiebreaker is used. This is used to determine the winner of the weekly, monthly and even season competition, if there is a tie in total points, total correct outcomes and total correct results. However, for the jackpot prize, if there is a tie, the winnings will be shared by all players who are tied.

The fact that the promotion provides a monthly and season competition ensures that there is an incentive to come back every week to play. If you want to pop in and out of the promotion, testing your mettle on certain occasions, you can do so. However, if you have a belief that your perdition skills are second to none, taking part in the monthly or season long leader board events will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills.

With Soccer Saturday being the focal point of the week’s football action for many people, it is good to have a chance to add a touch more excitement and drama to the action. If you want more unbelievable Jeff moments on a Saturday, make sure you check out the Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Super 6 promotion.